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last modified on 1/19/2008

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ECE 313 - Music and Engineering


Here are the lectures from the Fall 2008 semester. The first link on each line is usually a .mht file (only works in Internet Explorer) and sometimes includes sound clips. The .pdfs are also available (as the second link in a line)

All of the lectures have been videotaped and are in the process of being uploaded to youtube. Click on the youtube link after the lecture to be forwarded to the youtube playlist for the lecture

  1. Week 1 : Fundamentals of Western Music Review (.pdf) [YouTube]
  2. Week 2 : Just and Equal Temperament (.pdf) [YouTube]
  3. Week 3a : The Electric Guitar (.pdf)
  4. Week 4 : Random Stuff: AC Electricity, Microphones and Speakers (.pdf)
  5. Week 5 : MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface (.pdf) [YouTube]
  6. Week 6 & 7a : Vacuum Tube Amplifiers (.pdf) [YouTube]
  7. Week 7b & 8 : Effects (.pdf) [YouTube]
  8. Week 9,10 & 11 : Digital Encoding and Compression (.pdf)
  9. Week 12 & 13 : Digital Encoding and Compression (.pdf)
  10. Handouts

    Other Presentations

    Fundamentals of Digital Sampling for non-EEs